Welcome to your new home...

Whether you're moving to Darwin, Palmerston, or somewhere else in the lovely Northern Territory, interstate or just next door, these tips may help you along the way.


Moving Check List

Utilities: Contact your electricity, gas and telephone providers to have the services connected and advise your new address. They usually require up to 5 business days notice in advance.

Mobile Telephone: Notify your service provider of your new address for billing purposes and confirm whether the service extends to the area where you are moving.

Internet Service Provider: Check whether you will be able to access your existing Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) from your new address for the cost of a local call. If you can’t, check the terms of your current agreement regarding termination and start looking around for a new ISP. A penalty may be payable if you terminate the contract part way through an agreed fixed term.

Mail Redirection: Australia Post offers a Mail Redirection service. Be sure to notify everyone that keeps sending things to your old address. If important items are still being sent to your old address when the redirection period is close to expiring, consider extending it.

Contents Insurance: You can either take out a new contents policy or arrange to have your existing policy transferred to your new address. If you are moving to a smaller home and disposing of some of your possessions, consider whether the level of cover should be reduced accordingly.

Spread the Word

The list of other people and organizations that you should or may have to notify is long and will vary from person to person. The following is a comprehensive but non-exhaustive guide.

Family and Friends: You can do it by conventional mail, e-mail, e-cards, telephone, carrier pigeon or any other way you can think of.

Drivers license
Compulsory third party insurance
Comprehensive insurance
Motoring associations AANT

If you are moving from interstate you will need to investigate the registration and licensing requirements in the Northern Territory

Medicare Australia
Private health fund (e.g. HCF, NIB, MBF, Medibank Private)
Doctor, dentist, podiatrist etc.


Financial planner
Fund manager

Other Finance and Investments:
Bank, building society or credit union accounts
Credit cards
Department store cards
Hire purchase companies
Life insurance
Other creditors

Electoral Rolls:  When you change your address you may need to complete a new Electoral Enrolment Form and send it to the Australian Electoral Commission.