Located in the Northern Territory, Darwin is Australia's most northerly capital city and is also known as the Top End. Another popular name is the Gateway to Asia due to the close proximity.

Boasting one of the Country's strongest investment and growth forecasts, Darwin has become a very popular location for local, interstate and international investors. However a healthy economy is not the only attraction that Darwin has to offer.

The lifestyle is one that draws many people to live and invest here. With a relatively young population this multicultural harbour city is modern and sophisticated, yet still offers a laid back lifestyle.

Darwin is a mecca for commuters with an approximate 20 minute drive time to most popular destinations.

Our tropical climate is attractive to those who settle in or visit Darwin. Much like the weather in South East Asia it is fairly consistent most parts of the year. Unlike other capital cities around Australia there are only 2 seasons; the wet and the dry. June and July are the cooler and dryer months, and spectacular electrical storms are normally enjoyed around the December/January period.

Real Estate in Darwin

Darwin's real estate market is very buoyant compared to our interstate counterparts. This is largely Due largely to the fact of the go ahead of the 32.6 billion dollar gas pipeline.

We also have a thriving economy including a very healthy mining industry, a growing population, a strong Defence presence and property developments being at an all time high. Darwin property investors tend to experience excellent rental yields, low vacancy rates and great capital gains.

With the global financial crisis affecting many around the world, including other Australian states, Darwin continues at a steady pace. We have a new Government, reliable fiscal manangement with dedicated investment support, plus a highly skilled, multi-lingual workforce.

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